Tazio Nuvolari with the Vanderbilt Cup at the Roosevelt Raceway in 1936

On November 16th 2012, 120 years after the birth of the racecar driver, opens the new Tazio Nuvolari Museum, in the ex Chiesa del Carmelino, in Via Giulio Romano.

Tazio Nuvolari was born in Castel d’Ario (Mantua) on November 16th 1892 and died in Mantua on August 11th 1953.
He was also known as Il Mantovano Volante, The Flying Mantuan, or simply Nivola i.e. the greatest car driver of all times. Dr Ferdinand Porsche described Nuvolari as "The greatest driver of the past, the present, and the future".

Torino (Turin), September 3rd, 1946 - Andrea Brezzi Cup
Nuvolari drives a CisitaliaD46
finishing the competition without the steering-wheel
13th at the arrival within 1h 25' 57''

"Tazio Nuvolari was not simply a racing driver. To Italy he became an idol, a demi-god, a legend, epitomising all that young Italy aspired to be; the man who 'did the impossible', not once but habitually, the David who slew the Goliaths in the great sport of motor racing. He was Il Maestro." 
By Cyril Posthumus (Pritchard, Anthony (1998). A Century of Grand Prix Motor Racing. Croydon: Motor Racing Publications. pp. 59. ISBN 1-899870-38-5.) 
Abstract from Wikipedia.